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Operation HELP provides residents of St. Croix County with financial assistance, a place for personal support, and connections to community resources to alleviate short-term economic crises.

COVID-19 Update (February 2021)

Operation HELP is committed to safe practices for staff, volunteers and clients.  Click here to see the organizational protocols adopted by the board of directors to maximize the safety of volunteers and visitors during the COVID-19 outbreak.  

As a result of the assistance we received from [Operation HELP], my children and I were able to maintain our self-respect and not have to sell our furniture to raise money to pay the rent.


We can help visitors with vouchers, emergency supplies and referrals for support and aid


We can help with rent, utilities and car repairs. Click here for more information about eligibility requirements and information on how to access this support.


Operation HELP is a 501(c)(3) organization and we accept financial donations as well as donations of emergency supplies.

We are a “Meets Standards” Organization!

We are pleased to share that Operation HELP is now a Charities Review Council “Meets Standards®” organization! Nonprofit organizations earn this designation by voluntarily participating in Charities Review Council’s extensive review process which is based on the Council’s 25 Accountability Standards.  This process examines four key areas: Public Disclosure, Governance, Financial Activity, and Fundraising. By meeting these standards, Operation HELP has demonstrated that its practices, policies, and procedures are aligned with widely accepted standards of nonprofit accountability. Operation HELP’s full  report is available online at www.smartgivers.org, and the organization will also be listed in Charities Review Council’s bi-annual Smart Giver Newsletter.


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Mary Blanchard and Barb Van Loenen, Operation HELP board members, were interviewed last year by Jamie Johnson of the Western Wisconsin Journal to explain the services provided for our clients.   Click HERE to watch this video.

Here is more info on the ALICE study:

  • 42% of Wisconsin households can’t afford the basics of housing, food, health care, child care, and transportation, despite working.
  • There are nearly 670,922 ALICE households in Wisconsin, more than double the official poverty rate. Together, with those in poverty, there are 960,131 households unable to make ends meet in Wisconsin.
  • More than two-thirds of Wisconsin’s municipalities have more than 30 percent of households unable to afford life’s basic necessities.
  • 65% of all jobs in Wisconsin pay less than $20 an hour and most pay less than $15 an hour. The jobs forecast shows low-paying jobs dominating the economy into the future.
  • Despite working and receiving financial supports, ALICE reports a 21% gap in the income needed to be able to survive and afford the basics in WI.

Diaper Program

Operation HELP received funding for a “Diaper Bank” for all residents of St. Croix County earlier this year.  Once a month families in St. Croix County can come to the Operation HELP office  and receive 80 – 100 diapers for each child.


Volunteers have many different roles at Operation HELP.  If you are interested in learning more click the button below.


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